Aloe Vera 99% Soothing Gel- 300ml

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  • Contains 99% natural aloe vera,have Moisturizing,Sunburn repair,Soothing sensitive skin,And other issues,Can also be used as creams,Mask,Body moisturizing creams Multiple use,A bottle of aloe vera gel It can perfectly solve a variety of problems.
  • 1. Soothing repairs: Soothes skin after sunburn,Peeling and other phenomena.
  • 2 oil control Anti-acne: Adjust water and oil balance,Anti-acne,Diminish acne marks.
  • 3. Moisturizing: Helps lack of water Dry skin,Add water needed
  • 4. Firming wrinkle: Firming skin elasticity,Fade wrinkles
  • Instructions:After cleansing and toning,Apply a proper amount of aloe gel to the face,Wait for natural absorption.It can also be applied directly to acne skin,Dry skin,Tight skin,Sunburned skin surface,Strengthen repairs,(Which parts need where smear).

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