Akaliko cleansing water centella soap

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? Properties Centella asiatica herbal soap helps reduce acne and skin problems, does not irritate sensitive skin or sensitive skin. Does not damage the moisture of the skin After using the face is not tight and dry. Eliminate clogged acne on the face. Helps tighten pores, reduce oily face, reduce blemishes, freckles, rashes. reduce dark circles red marks from acne Acne scars look faded. Cleans the skin more deeply than general soap. ? Results Using natural soap requires a period of time to heal and do not change products often or alternately use it. You have to use it regularly until your face gets better. ?The brand’s products have been standardized with detailed notification numbers. Certified by a team of dermatologists who have successfully researched it. and absolutely safe for the skin Doubts after use

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