Bielenda Dr Medica Capillary Skin Dermatologic Anti-Redness Face Serum Day/Night – 30 ml

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Dermatological, fragrance-free serum reducing the visibility of capillaries contains specially developed formula NA-N 80 mg/1g consisting of strong active substances, which have direct effect on visible dilated capillaries in a condensed way. REDUCES SKIN REDNESS – Effectively reduces the visibility of capillaries. Brightens discolorations, restores skin color and natural glow, enhances the elasticity of capillaries and their resistance to breakage. Reduces skin redness, prevents the formation of new “spider veins”. Soothes skin irritations, reduces skin sensitivity, moisturizes, soothes, prevents erythema. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – VITAMIN C increases the mechanical resistance of walls of blood vessels to cracking. LACTOBIONIC ACID reduces the visibility of dilated capillaries. AZELOGLICIN brightens uneven pigmentation. D-PANTHENOL has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – Dr. Medica is a special line of dermocosmetics distinguished by precise, even medical approach to skin problems, heavily concentrated active ingredients appreciated by dermatologists and innovative, specially developed recipes that are targeted to a particular problem and effective action. INDICATIONS FOR USE – skin capillaries, prone to redness and irritation; sensitive, overactive, with a tendency to spider veins formation..

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