Bihado 24k Gold & Snail Soothing gel 100% -300ml

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Priceless solution for dehydrated, pigmented, sluggish and age-old skin.

Colloidal or 24 k gold is an excellent conductor of nutrients in the deep layers of the skin. Therefore, the entire rich composition of snail mucin is quickly delivered to the cells, which most need useful components of this truly amazing and useful ingredient.

Gel with gold and mucin snails perfectly copes with the sluggish skin of hands and the whole body. The skin of the face when using this gel is lighter and acquires internal glow, due to improving the microcirculation of blood in the tissues. A beautiful moisturizing effect remains on the skin for a long time, and cell regeneration is accelerated.

The gel can be used as a basis for making antiseptic and sanitatizer at home.

Does not leave a feeling of stickiness on the skin.

It is used for face, body, hair, after shaving, in sunny and household burns, as masks, patches, in cosmetic procedures.

Want to help your skin successfully cope with external influences that pose a threat to its beauty? Give her gel with gold and Musin snails for every day!

Ingredients: Water distilled, filter mutsin snails, 24-carat gold, glycerin, propyl glycol, carbon fiber

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