Cocoa Nine Dietary Supplement product

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Cocoa Nine Cocoa Nine
25 packs per pack, get 2 packs, 50 packs, free glass
Cocoa, a healthy drink, controls hunger, speeds up metabolism
full fast, adjust the digestive system
Cocoa Nine ready-to-drink, body contouring drink healthy drink

✓ Concentrated, can be brewed hot & cold
✓ Full for a long time, full quickly, control hunger
✓ Helps speed up metabolism
✓ No sugar, diabetic people can eat.
✓ Delicious taste, easy to drink, mellow, fragrant, not cut throat ⁣
✓ Balance the excretory system
✓ Drink 1 sachet a day, full for a long time

How to eat: Drink 1 sachet a day (15 grams).
Brew with 200 ml of water.
Storage: Store in a dry place and avoid sunlight.

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