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GROWS, STRENGTHENS AND PROTECTS – The proteins and herbal extracts in the shampoo stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss by activating and strengthening the hair follicles, in addition to increasing hair density, reducing split and broken hair, moisturizing the scalp and nourishing the hair.

ENERGIZING ROOT TO TIP – Boosts the development of healthy hair follicles, lessen thinning hair, strengthen fibers against breakage, and thicken existing hair strands for fuller-looking and thicker-feeling hair

THE BEST OF NEW WORLD AND OLD WORLD – Combines advanced biological hair-care technology with traditional oriental herbal extracts for maximum effectiveness.

ALL NATURAL – Made of herbal extracts and natural ingredients such as Polygonum multiflorum, Dictamni radix, Pseudo-ginseng, Melaleuca alternifolia, Old ginger, Lateral shoot leaves, and more.

GENTLE & NON-DRYING FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – Does not include any harmful chemicals or additives, providing a gentle, yet effective cleansing for all hair and scalp types.

NO SIDE EFFECTS – the All Natural composition of the DEXE Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo has no side effects, allowing you to feel fully confident while using the shampoo.

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