FA 171 – Focallure Blackhead Remover Pore Strips

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  • Step 1: Thoroughly clean the face with water, ensuring that the skin is free from any cosmetics or other skin treatment.
  • Step 2: Wet the nose area thoroughly with clean warm water, please note the strip will not adhere if the skin is dry.
  • Step 3: With dry hands open the nose strips sachet and peel the strip away from the liner.
  • Step 4: Apply the strip with the shiny side down on the nose, taking care to smooth out any bubbles or creases.
  • Step 5: Allow the strip to dry naturally for about 10 to 15 minutes and then carefully start to peel the strip off from the two ends towards the middle. If the strip is too firmly attached or is painful to remove, wet the area thoroughly until the strip is easy to remove.
  • Step 6: When the strips outside are completely dry, you can peel it off.

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