Fiber Tex Apple Kiwi Slimming Juice

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Phosphorus Detox Supplement, Apple Flavor
The science and art of living life with the balance of life. That everyone wishes
apple juice Fiver Tex detox supplements Detox the intestines Apple scent (10 sachets)

‘Constipation’, a heavy problem in the stomach that can’t tell anyone

Are you like them?

✔ Not taking photos in the morning, in the morning, in the evening.
✔ The excretion is like a nightmare!
✔ Sometimes I don’t shoot at all for 5-7 days!
✔ You have to exert a lot of effort when taking ‘Tired!’
✔ Feeling that you are ‘pregnant’ and you can’t reduce it.
✔ Body odor – Bad breath comes from nowhere and cannot be cured.
✔ Fart smells stronger than common people.
✔ Take a supplement and feel the body is not absorbed.

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