Miracle Collagen Whitening cream -100 ml

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This Cream has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, which even skin tone, dealing with hyperpigmentation, lightening dark areas and restores elasticity of the skin. Regular applying of this cream is increasing softness or smoothness. The cream helps skin strengthen and gives the complexion a more youthful and fresher appearance.

Niacinamide is a powerful natural antioxidant property, strengthens the walls of our blood vessels, and helps to slow down the processes of skin aging, improve brightness and elastin synthesis. It perfectly lightens hyperpigmentation and brown spots, supports tissue immunity, evens out skin tone, and activates the protective function of your skin.

Niacinamide and collagen are offers multiple skin benefits such as fading age spots, lightening and whitening of skin, boost hydration, reduces premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Repairs and protect skin from sun damage, and reduce melanin production. The product is suitable for all skin types.

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