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❤ USES: – Regeneration of skin with the most expensive ingredients such as Retinol, ZinC sebum, Ha, Vitamin B5,… Both highly effective and safe all for the skin. Helps to regenerate skin scientifically, helps to restore skin, removes calluses from the surface of the skin, helps the skin to remove brown spots, old cells, thereby helping to make the skin whiter and healthier. In addition, the product also supports effective acne prevention to help healthy skin full of vitality. – Increases skin’s ability to regenerate changes. This method helps to remove the old layer of cells, stimulating the production of young cells to replace. – The skin will be completely healthy if you follow the treatment according to the prescribed regimen. Peel skin has been scientifically proven to be safe in beauty. The method even helps the skin to effectively solve dermatological problems such as acne, pitting, pores, wrinkles.

❤ HOW TO USE: – Clean the skin through the steps of makeup remover and cleanser, apply evenly. Apply a thin layer of RETINOL PEEL X10 on the face except for the eye and mouth area, gently massage so that the essence is easily absorbed into the skin. – This product can be used in combination with other product lines such as: extreme serum, stem cell face, melasma treatment face.

❤NOTE: – Depending on each person’s skin condition when using the product Retinol Peel X10 skin may be drier and slightly flaky (when the skin is slightly flaking, I can use more moisturizing products for the skin). – When I first start using it, there will be some unfamiliar skin, so my skin will show signs of mild irritation, I should use it once a day to help my skin get used to it, then I can switch to using it every day. day.

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