Snail White Acne Soap

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SNAIL WHITE ACNE & WHITENING SOAP Made in Thailand by Precious Skin ThailandReducing dark spots, blemishes, and freckles. suitable for acne skin. Cleansing impurities and bacteria. Control excess oil. reducing the causes of acne on the face and body. concentrated snail slime soothes the skin Brighten, enhance, elasticity and moisturize in the skin. With a mixture of glucosamine and zinc. Vitamin C Skin Care This reduces whitening acne, dark spots. Adjust the dark skin color to white. Used to see real results in 7 days.How to use SNAIL WHITE x10 soap to reduce whiteheads.For facial – Soap bubble foam to leave it for 1 minute, the skin will be white, reduce acne, reduce dark spots in front of it. White skin look healthy.For body skin – Soap leave 3 minutes to allow the vitamin to penetrate the skin. Scalp is off just rub gently to reveal skin. White spots are gone. Left only healthy skin.

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