New Usb Handheld Fan

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  • High class look. Upgraded appearance, very good and lasting texture, encrypted protection, careful care, reassuring use, three-speed wind speed adjustment, Comfortable and quick.
  • Wind speed: two gear adjustment, first gear mute, quiet night sleep, wor calm and no disturbance, second gear light sound gas supply, as quiet as decline leaves, two gear wind speed can be strong or weak, wind sense is controlled by you.
  • Charging and range. Built-in high-capacity battery, continuous use for a long time, cool all summer long. USB charging, making charging easy, where to go, charging to where, can provide a variety of charging easy, do not worry about going out.
  • Fan blade design: seven fan blades, unexpectedly strong wind, good wind retention, further wind delivery, large area wind delivery, Controllable wind blowing angle.
  • Multi-scene use: compact and convenient, meet the multi-scene use, portable life, feel walking wind source, can be used in bedrooms, offices, outdoor and other places, a variety of colors can be choose, summer colorful good mood.

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Weight0.255 kg
Dimensions16 × 11 × 9 cm


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