3W Clinic Moringa Brightening Cool Soothing Gel -160ml

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  • Soothing & Moisturizing
  • Prevent Skin Blemishes
  • Brightening Your Skin
  • Protect Your Skin from UV Rays
  • Keep your skin Healthy For a Long Time
  • Development your dead skin cell.
  • As a gel-type moisturizer, it is recommended to extract Moringa and Aloe Vera leaves.
  • The Effect of Skin Vitalization on the Cool and Fresh Use in Included
  • It contains mulberry tree leaf extract and the whitening ingredient, Niacinamide.
  • It is effective for improving skin sockets and uses instead of face, body, skin toner, and emulsion.
  • It gives a cool feeling with melancholic acid and also gives hair instead of hair essence.
  • Use to keep your hair fresh and soft
  • Applying the skin to the body that has a lot of exfoliation and needs moisture frequently makes it moist.

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