Beauty Fruit Detox Plum

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Japanese fruit, dr, ze-one study found that over a long period; plum contain some dietary fiber is not digested in reducing high-calorie meal feeding at the same time. The intestines can absorb toxins excess fat, along with the fat waste excreted. So as to achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss beauty, its unique sour can stimulate gastric secretion. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Helping fat burning. Easy to subtract the excess body fat at the same time prevent new fat synthesis, to achieve weight loss do not rebound. Ingredients: Golden plum, lactobacillus, pure tea and so on. Directions: Depending on the individual one or two miracle fusion fat plum packets per day, fooling a meal with 300CC(10 oz) cold water. Shelf life: 3years Storage: Do not expose the product to heating direct sun radiation. Have the product store in refrigerator after unsealed.

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