BIOAQUA Skin Care Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

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Plant extracts for skin nourishment and rejuvenation Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Carbonated mask contains a variety of plant ingredients. 1 Nutrition and rejuvenation of the skin. The mask lightens skin tone, contains a large amount of nutrients nourishes the skin and makes it soft. 2 Rich foam. Abundant foam enhances contact of the mask with the skin, cleanses the skin of excess sebum and dirt. 3 Clear skin. Bubbles change the usual view of the face mask and improve the cleansing properties of the mask, making the cleansing process funny. 4 Comfort. The mask is applied to the face comfortably and not tightens the skin.


  • Gender : Female
    • Use : Whole Face
    • Formulation : Mud
    • Type : Washable Mask
    • Feature : Acne Treatment,Anti-Aging,Moisturizing,Oil-control,Pigmentation Corrector,Whitening
    • NET WT : 100g
    • Ingredient : Charcoal Powder, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Matcha Powder
    • Country/Region of Manufacture:China
    • Net Weight : 100g
    • Usage : Professional usage / Home Usage
    • Suggest used : Use Night x 28 days / skin cycle. 1-2 cycles.

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Weight0.255 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 cm


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