Bioaqua V7 Deep Hydration Crystal Clear Moisturizing Lazy Makeup Cream

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Keep using this product for a long time. It can reduce skin melanin, brighten skin tone.

Against wrinkles fade wrinkles, has high moisturizing infused with collagen pure 100%.

Help skin elasticity helps to tighten the skin, may help you become younger than actual age.

Moisturizing and nourishing, repair skin and firming, oil control and shrink pore, remove wrinkles and acne, deep cleansing the skin, make the skin white and beautiful.

  • Contains a variety of vitamins, clear water nature texture, fit the skin, brighten the complexion,
  • cover facial blemishes, skin glow, flawless crystal clear, easy to createnatural bare makeup,
  • so makeup can stand the test of micro distance. While skin care moisturize,
  • it has a long and bright makeup, is indispensable lazy beauty products.

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