Breylee Rose Water Toner Rose Petals -100ml

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  • Precious essence is extracted to make the product have flower essence
  • It can whiten your skin by improving dark skin for smooth and watery conditions Hyaluronic acid
  • It can protect your stratum corneum by fully moisturizing your skin

Visible rose petals

  • From fresh roses to moisturizing skin care
  • Repair
    Rose petals melt for in-depth essential oil nourishing
  • Smoothness
    Apparent fine skin as soft as rose petals
  • Watery
    Thorough moisturizing with hyaluronic acid for better skin moisture

How To Use

  • After cleansing, squeeze an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, apply on the face, pat a few times until absorbed.
  • Saturate a cotton pad or compression mask and apply to cleansed skin, remove it after 5-10 minutes, pat a few times until absorbed.

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