Erina Body cream thailand pearl standard

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  • Body cream Erina pearl thailand on goods
  • Thai standard goods (not processed goods)

The cream is thick, high-grade cream is committed to not greasy, not greasy, does not reveal creamy texture, penetrates immediately into the skin, (very easy to apply for anyone who makes anorexic) creating a very pleasant feeling. – Elastic features help firm skin, not sagging aging, balance moisture for the skin, tighten pores, remove brown spots on the skin, nourish flawless pink white skin. Sunscreen SPF 45 protects the skin from ultraviolet rays & harmful environmental agents. – Guaranteed 100% no skin irritation, no skin allergies, even extremely sensitive skin, still safe to use (both white and safe, pleasant fragrance, not the smell of mixed cream) – If persistently using Erina Vip Thai Pearl Body Whitening Cream, the skin will usually reach 60%.70% bright whiteness. As for callous skin, 2 times a day will achieve 40% whiteness compared to old skin.

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