Freyias Naturals Hair Oil 200ml

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Freyia’s Naturals hair oil brings a blend of completely natural ingredients, a hundred percent natural hair oil rich in special qualities effective in solving all types of hair and scalp problems. This hair oil, made from a combination of approximately 33 natural ingredients, will nourish the hair follicles, prevent premature hair fall, and help promote new hair growth.


  1. Reduces hair fall quickly.
  2. Helps in growing new hair.
  3. Helps in making hair dense and long.
  4. Prevents hair damage and split ends.
  5. Quickly resolves dandruff issues.
  6. Prevents premature graying of hair.
  7. Naturally makes hair black, silky, and shiny.
  8. Helps in alleviating skin allergies on the scalp.
  9. Moisturizes and revitalizes hair, eliminating dryness.

For the best results, use the oil regularly 3 times a week.

[N.B.: 1. Use oil on clean hair for the best results.

             2.Brush your hair thoroughly every day with a good comb to increase blood circulation in the scalp.]


  1. For external use only.
  2. Keep out of reach of children.
  3. Don’t apply it to cut or damage skin.
  4. Avoid contact with eyes; If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water, discontinue usage and consult with a doctor.
  5. Do patch test before using.

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