Paxmoly Honey Moist Up Foam Cleansing

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One of the world’s most effective natural healing substances, powerful antioxidants, draws in moisture to instantly repair and replenish dry skin. It contains vitamin complex just like B1, B2, and B6.

  • Lightweight foam cleanser infused with honey ingredient which is good to moisturize skin.
  • Has long-lasting hydration without skin dryness.
  • Helps to soothe the skin which is suffering from burns, pimples, and freckles.
  • Nourishes & revitalizes skin while maintaining a supple complexion.
  • It provides deep hydration and frees the skin from impurities, gently awaken and tones, creates bright and soft skin.
  • It has a lasting moisturizing effect. Full of minerals, amino acids, and various vitamins in honey keeping your skin healthy and moist in order to get elastic and glow full of vitality.

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