Qiansoto Snail Nutrition Multi-Effect Eye Cream -30g

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Remove eye bag and eye circle.

Hydrating cream shiny snail dope.

For tender and delicate skin around eyes.

Nourishes eye skin,texture soft moisturizes.

Skin plump smooth moderate moist for eye.

Brings infinite care and love to skin around eyes.

Repair brightening.the skin,moisturizing+protection.

Snail secretion filtrate,moist eye skin moist and delicate aqua.

Effectively responds to eye wrinkles,puffy eyes,eye fatigue,pressure and other skin issues around eyes.

Besides,it can soomthe the pressure of eye,dull skin and other issues,firm up the skin around eyes,and give out shining luster

With light texture,it can be instantly blended after contacting the skin and it is easy to be absorbed

Efficacy: go to dark circles, go to eye bags, go edema, anti-wrinkle, lift firming, eye soothing

Applicable people: General

Shelf life: 3 years

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