Wokali Anti-aging Serum Aloe Veral Multi-Function Essence

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Serum Wokali Aloe Veral Multi-Function Essence The multifunctional effect of the drug is provided by the active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid . Provides moisture retention in the upper layers of the dermis, promotes tissue regeneration. Aloevera . Another natural “moisturizer” of the epithelium, which penetrates into the subcutaneous layer faster than water. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients and soothing effect. Protects against external irritants. Collagen amino acid is indispensable for youthful skin, provides skin elasticity, preventing derma flaccidity. Glycerin keeps water-lipid balance, reduces skin irritation, nourishes and smoothens the relief. This serum is effective against the following problems: Dark circles under the eyes. Puffiness. Mimic wrinkles. Pigmentation.

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