Wokali Natural Collagen Beauty Cream

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  • Is the one responsible for providing structure to the skin, working side by side with elastin (a type of protein.) To allow skin the flexibility it needs to stretch and return to its original state as your body moves.
  • As people age, and due to other reasons, collagen level in our skin drops. With this, you will notice unwanted changes, and with this,
  • Wokali Collagen Beauty Cream helps to revive the glow and health your skin once was abundant of.
  • This collagen firming cream helps to ease out skin dryness and dehydration.


  • Revives skin elasticity and glow
  • Helps nourish skin
  • Fragrant and feels light on skin

How to use

  • Apply generously to dry skin as needed and after exposure to wind, sun, and cold weather.

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